• Support healthy aging at the cellular level. Add Wolfpacks to your routine for a healthy foundation.

  • Enjoy the world’s most sought-after superfoods in one convenient pack or try our new canisters!

  • Choose one of our 6 organic Superfood Wolfpacks

  • Add coconut water or almond milk and your favorite fruit + greens

  • Shake, blend and drink

100% Organic. Vegan. Dairy-Free. Non GMO. Gluten-Free.

Great for every morning or before a workout.

Straight to your door




Leslie Hassler is the founder and visionary behind Wolfpacks Organics as well as Leslie Hassler Studio, her successful photography business that focuses on Branding for actors and entrepreneurs. Leslie is an advocate of whole, plant based food and superfoods.

Wolfpacks was born from a fundamental need. Always on the go and sometimes living out of her suitcase, it became challenging to make her daily superfood smoothie.


She firmly believes in the power of pure ingredients to significantly improve the way we look and age, as well as how we feel and perform.

She has studied nutrition and wellness for over 20 years, living in 7 countries, always on a quest for cutting-edge knowledge. In 2018 she went back to school and got her degree in Integrative Nutrition.

While learning and studying what works for her lifestyle which includes traveling and being a working mom, she created her company Wolfpacks Organics.


Our Mission:


To create ultra-nutritious superfood packs and canisters that make a vibrantly healthy lifestyle easy to achieve and delicious to follow.

Leslie's always believed "you are what you eat," and her brand ambassadors all agree.

From a functional medicine doctor to leaders in yoga and fitness, to successful actresses who believe strongly in health and longevity, all of them want to continue to defy aging and feel great every day.


Superfood Smoothies are empowering and Wolfpacks makes it super easy to take charge of your health!








Leslie Hassler

Wolfpacks Organics founder and CEO

Brand Ambassadors

Alex Dawson

Certified Yoga Instructor. Wanderlust + The Dawson Studio - Los Angeles, California

Jessica Green

Owner and CEO of Greenbody, celebrity fitness trainer NYC



Board Certified in Emergency Medicine

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Practices Integrative Medicine 


Actress, Screenwriter, Director, Producer


Actress, Writer, Humanitarian

Dr. Scarlett Magda

Founding President

Veterinarians International

Helping Animals. Healing the Planet.

Louise Hendon

Co-Founder of Paleo Flourish Magazine

Lauren Gott

Celebrity makeup artist

"I firmly believe that beautiful skin starts from within."


Co-Founder of SoulBeing Wellness. Licensed massage therapist.

Co-founder of Root and Resin

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